Our GCSE and A level revision sessions at Henley are a great way to boost achievement, improve results and realise potential.

How is the camp structured?

The sessions are delivered to small groups of up to 10 students and are split where possible by ability level. All of our camps include two assessments per subject/module so we are able to measure progress. Progress data is available after the camp. Camps are delivered by qualified teachers.

GCSE subjects, as much as possible, are split based on ability level and/or tier group. If there are not enough pupils at the same level we will provide differentiated work and teaching within the group. At A level we offer separate courses which are appropriate for AS and A level pupils for most main exam boards.

Camp Dates

February HT

GCSE - 2 Day Course (£150) / 1 Day Course (£75) A-Level - 2 Day Course (£200) / 1 Day Course (£100)
  18.02 19.02 20.02 21.02 22.02
GCSE Maths Maths Chemistry Physics Biology
    English English  
A-Level Chemistry Physics Biology Maths English
  Business Studies Economics Psychology  


GCSE - 2 Day Course (£150) / 1 Day Course (£75) A-Level - 2 Day Course (£200) / 1 Day Course (£100)
  08.04 09.04 10.04 11.04 12.04 15.04 16.04 17.04 18.04
GCSE Maths Maths Geography English Lang. English Lit. Biology Biology History History
Chemistry Chemistry Physics Physics          
A-Level Physics Physics Chemistry Chemistry   Maths Maths English English
  Economics Economics Business Studies Business Studies Psychology Psychology Biology Biology

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