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Making learning more fun is a great way to boost achievement, improve results, and realise potential. Schools recognise this.

Parents understand it. And pupils and students have always instinctively known it.


That’s why Winchmore Tutors has designed Winchmore Camps, a unique programme of holiday camps that combine an educational programme with wide-ranging sports and activities for primary-aged children and intensive revision for secondary-aged children.


For younger children, or for pupils of all ages who may be falling behind, a Winchmore Camp offers the chance to catch up on missed work in a highly motivating but supportive atmosphere.

For older children our camps represent an important opportunity to focus on revising for a key exam.


For working parents Winchmore Camps (an Ofsted registered organisation) are a welcome childcare support option during school holidays, with children learning and developing in a dynamic, healthy, safe environment that encourages them to reach their goals.


Designed by Winchmore Tutors, the innovative specialist education tuition agency, the programme adds up to serious fun and results in an inspirational context.